An easygoing indie pop offering about wanting to remain uncommitted.

Wingtip, also known as Nick Perloff-Giles, is a versatile musical talent excelling as a singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ. His impressive body of work consists of tunes that are a must-listen, showcasing his distinctive sound and passion for creating unique and compelling music. Notable hits like “Rewind” (2017) and “Heartworks” (2019) exemplify Wingtip’s uplifting and buoyant brand of pop.

The artist’s extensive repertoire includes tracks such as “Happiness,” “Last to Know,” “Talk,” and “Manipulator,” amassing over 100 million streams and drawing crowds to his energetic live shows. Wingtip’s latest release, the indie pop single “Boyfriend,” is accompanied by an official lyric video.

“Boyfriend” effortlessly combines uplifting instrumentals with dance-inducing beats, creating a laidback soundscape that complements the track’s emotional depth. The lyrics, including lines such as “I don’t wanna be your boyfriend, I just wanna be your man, I don’t wanna be your future, I just wanna be your plans,” convey a longing for a connection without the formalities of a committed relationship. The song explores the desire for the excitement of early romance without the weight of labels.

With pleasing vocals and charming visuals, Wingtip delivers a captivating indie pop offering that playfully delves into the concept of seeking a connection without the constraints of traditional relationships. Take a listen and discover why Wingtip isn’t interested in being anybody’s “Boyfriend.”