Rating: 5 out of 5.

Kid Cudi’s next album is coming in hot.

Kid Cudi has been quite active on X, responding to people who share their opinions on his music and engaging with those who appreciate it. It’s likely that his online activity is related to the album he’s currently working on. In recent months, Cudi has dropped several tracks that are expected to be part of the album. One notable release is “AT THE PARTY,” featuring Pharrell and Travis Scott.

Fun fact: Kid Cudi is one of Travis Scott’s idols, and there’s a rumor that Scott’s stage name is derived from Cudi’s real name (Scott Mescudi). In their collaboration on “AT THE PARTY,” they both share robotic vocals and lyrical content that emphasizes their unique approaches to life and dominant ways. Pharrell’s contribution with a catchy but laid-back hook adds to the song’s appeal. While the track may seem a bit unusual at first, once you let it soak in, it will click with you.

Give “AT THE PARTY” a shot below.