Rating: 3 out of 5.

Which Carter is Durk referring to: Vince Carter, Shawn Carter, or Carter from Rush Hour?

Lil Durk has been teasing the deluxe version of his Almost Healed project for months, but it appears that might not be his main priority. Today, he dropped a new single titled “Smurk Carter,” which is tied to his Only The Family (OTF) crew. It raises the possibility of a new album from them before the deluxe version. Whatever the case, the new single features only Durk… or rather, Smurk.

Lil Durk has been referring to himself as Smurk for years, and “Smurk Carter” appears to be the first track dedicated to that name. In the song, Lil Durk discusses his unique come-up, detailing his experiences running the streets, knowing drug lords, and carrying guns to school. He also reflects on the positive changes in his life over the past few years. What stands out about the song is its bare sound. It features a straightforward rap style from Lil Durk and a vintage-sounding beat. Very interesting.

Check out “Smurk Carter” below.