PinkPantheress takes control of a new era with the release of her debut album, “Heaven Knows.”




5. Blue 

Wanting someone who doesn’t want you is the worst experience in the world.

In “Blue,” PinkPantheress delves into the agonies of desiring someone who doesn’t return those feelings. The song strikes a chord with listeners grappling with unrequited love, capturing the unbearable longing that necessitates stepping away for healing.



4. Capable of Love

This is for those essentially caught in a relationship with themselves.

In “Capable of Love,” Pink finds herself in a one-sided relationship with someone she interacts with through her screen. Despite her significant other’s dismissive behavior and others questioning their love, she remains deeply in love, holding onto the hope that one day they can be together, as she believes she isn’t capable of being with someone else.



3. Another Life (Feat. Rema)

Rema & Pinkpanthress is the underrated duo we need.

PinkPantheress and Rema join forces on “Another Life,” delving into the complexities of a deteriorating relationship and depicting its stages of decline. The lyrics convey dissatisfaction with the current state, as despite attempts to revive the love, the significant other appears emotionally distant or “dead.” The narrative evolves from grief to acceptance of the relationship’s inevitable end.



2. True Romance

Pinkpanthress is all of us at a concert. 

In this acoustic, punk-influenced track, the singer narrates her unwavering devotion to her favorite musician. Expressing herself as the ultimate fan, she articulates her desire for the musician to recognize her in the crowded audience, symbolizing the profound connection between fans and musicians, even in the midst of being strangers.



1. the aisle 

Can it be asserted that “the aisle” is the song of the year?

Undoubtedly, this stands out as the premier track on the album. The highlight is undeniably its production, featuring an infectious and captivating fusion of funky-dance pop melodies that exude a y2k energy unmatched by her peers. The song is bound to have fans dancing while lost in the fantasy of being with someone who will never reciprocate those feelings.


1. Another Life Feat. Rema (5/5)

2. True Romance (5/5)

3. Mosquito (4.5/5)

4. The Aisle (5/5)

5. Nice To Meet You Feat. Central Cee (4/5)

6. Bury Me Feat. Kelela (4/5)

7. Internet Baby (interlude) (4/5)

8. Ophelia (4/5)

9. Feel Complete (3.5/5)

10. Blue (4.5/5)

11. Feelings (Demo) (4/5)

12. Capable Of Love (5/5)

13. Boy’s A Liar Pt. 2 Feat. Ice Spice (Bonus Track) (5/5)




It’s common knowledge that PinkPantheress, the viral sensation turned superstar, rose to fame with her infectious bite-sized alt-pop songs such as “Break It Off,” “Pain,” and the chart-topping “Boy’s a Liar” featuring Ice Spice. Her inaugural album, Heaven Knows, caters to the hopeless romantics entrenched in perpetual cycles of love and heartbreak. While maintaining her vibrant, rhythmic 2000s pop essence, the album reveals PinkPantheress’s experimental side, particularly evident in tracks like “Feelings” and “Capable of Love.”

The album’s guest appearances seamlessly complement Pink’s intensity, providing diverse perspectives on the tumultuous journey of love. However, it is Pink’s shining performance that stands out, with her soft, alluring vocals perfectly intertwining with the rhythmic melodies she produces. Her high-pitched delivery captures the desperation felt by those yearning for more than just love – a profound human connection that banishes the fear of loneliness. The dreamy vocals create a hauntingly beautiful experience of love for her fans.

Heaven Knows showcases Pink’s hyper-pop and R&B vision with a morbid undertone, adding emotional depth to her experiences beyond the garage/alternative scene. Notably, the track “the aisle” features an innovative production, blending pop and R&B from the early 2000s into an experimental, funky melody that harmonizes seamlessly with Pink’s vocals. This sound, if produced by Pink herself, is a direction worth exploring further.

The album invites listeners to embark on the journey of young love, offering both encouragement to pursue deserving love and caution about the challenges of clinginess, hope, and heartache. Amidst the heart-wrenching pain conveyed by PinkPantheress, she advocates for embracing love, emphasizing that happiness often stems from being with someone special.

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