Rick Ross acquired a whole bunch of cats that would make the block a retirement home after they buy it.

Rick Ross is really juicing this whole ‘Buy The Block’ thing.

Nipsey keeps it real, and lets the people know he’s trying get to that boss status like the legends. He’s the lil boy fresh on this s–t.

The original boss Slim Thug raps slow, as he reminisces about his come-up, and puts people on the game that he was taught.

E-40 is rapping fast on this s–t, but still sounding a bit goofy. It is still a pretty good verse from him though, as he tries out a few flows that I didn’t know he had in him.

Fat Joe slays the track! His confidence is impeccable (Not to mention his wit).

Rick Ross doesn’t have to do much since he established the vibe of the record, and he doesn’t do much, as he lets the world know how thankful he is for his position.

I think Fat Joe has the best verse.