I probably love BJ The Chicago Kid’s music more than the next person does. I hear and see this level emotion in his music that is hard to ignore, especially when emphasizes the importance of approaching¬†life and love like a grown up. These powerful sentiments drive “The Opening Ceremony”

This short little project only has three songs, but it’s more than enough to show the world that BJ is one of the realest R&B artists in the game right now. In “Opening Ceremony,” the Chicago native was able to tap into the minds of the listeners ears in three totally different ways: Using this alternative approach on “Going Once, Going Twice,” giving us something soulful in “Nothin into Something,” and showing a little bit of charm in “Rather Be With You.” Every song has a powerful message associated to it, and as expected, the passion he shows throughout is truly something special. I truly recommend you give this album a listen.