Bartier Cardi, Jenny from the Block & Billy all unite for the love of the “Dinero” 

Typically, I find it corny when big time pop stars like J-Lo ride the waves of the hottest rap acts out, mainly because it is more probable than not that they weren’t shooting with them in the gym when they were making their come up. But something about this Cardi B and Jennifer Lopez collabo feels different, and I think it’s because they are much alike: Both have in your face personalities, are of Hispanic descent, and got booty’s that’ll make you call off work. In “Dinero,” the duo gives us this spicy/Latin-flavored trap song (How many times can you say you heard that before) that has both Cardi and J-Lo blending in Spanish with English on their verses and the hook, and Khaled playing the perfect hype man throughout. If you ask me, the song sounds a bit banal, but if you know how to salsa and two step, youmight just end up falling in love with it.