Stepping Sideways releases a new single that would make the rock Gods proud!

This New Orleans based band is comprised of vocalist Khader Alherimi, guitarists Joey Vasatka and Josh Talazac, bassist Matt Ikner, and drummer Ross Donewar. “Destined To Fall,” is the latest single to be released from their album “Harbinger.” For being a newly assembled band, Stepping Sideways’ quality of sound is impeccable, which speaks volumes for the band members’ talents. (This is a band who got together in 2017 and is already well-adjusted and in sync)

When listening to “Destined To Fall,” it becomes instantly obvious why Stepping Sideways identifies as a rock, alternative, and metal band. The first thing you hear is Matt Ikner’s alluring bass notes before the drums and the guitar come crashing in (incase there was any confusion on what kind of song this was going to be). Additionally, Khader Alherimi’s brilliant vocals never miss a single note.

“Destined To Fall” is not your typical ballad, but it is a love song nonetheless as is evidenced by both the lyrics and the title. The congruent expertise between the members of Stepping Sideways will take them far. You can steam their album Harbinger on Spotify and Apple Music.