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Lil Pump – Drug Addicts (Review & Stream)

Welp, it looks like J. Cole is going to have to make another “K.O.D.” album.

You know what’s sad about this song? It’s actually kind of dope. It has this bass boomin’/exhilarating instrumental, a pretty catchy hook, and some appealing (Not great) bars from Pump on his verses. The only problem is that the song glamorizes drug usage heavily, and probably won’t ever have an opportunity to be appreciated for its musicality. Hopefully Pump can add some sort of disclaimer on the beginning of it that lets the people know that he’s just f**king around with us.

This guy said he started smoking at 11 and popping pills at 7… What kind of f**ked up environment did he grow up in? Was he raised by Master Splinter in the sewers?




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