What a summer we’ve had thus far in the hip hop world, right? A bunch of Kanye produced projects, a Jay-Z and Beyonce joint album, and a music video by Lil Pump that features Charlie Sheen! I’m not ready for it to end, and apparently, one of hip hop’s biggest stars isn’t either.


TOP 5? TOP 2? S**T, TOP 1?



In “Feels Like Summer,” the “Community” alum gives us this outdoorsy track that features heavenly vibes and some daring harmonizing from our hero. It’s the type of track that should be played while you cruise the back roads of Montana, or after an argument with a creditor.

Gambino’s ability to make you feel something on a track is unbelievable. For five minutes, I was lost in the everything this song was trying to promote.



Everyone’s favorite season isn’t real unless we get a lovey dovey track like this!

“Summertime Magic” is fun, it’s energetic, and has Childish Gambino showcasing his singing skills throughout. Content-wise, the ATL star comes across as madly in love, spewing out sentimental words that are both heartwarming and cliche. All in all, the feel-good track is exactly what the world needed, so appreciate it with all your might.

I don’t think we give Gambino enough props for his singing skills. It’s better than most dedicated R&B singers.




So lets tally it up: Gambino acts, he sings, he raps, and even does stand-up comedy. But what I love most about him is that he does each equally as well, and doesn’t mind flexing his skills on us for the fun of it. That is exactly what Gambino does here with this surprising new EP — he’s simply showing the world his outstanding ability to put together timeless records just for the hell of it. So grab your iced tea, invade a pool, and sit back and relax while you listen to this smooth EP that is heavy on the melody, harmonizing and sensual side.