I replayed Gabe Gizz’s “You See It” track five straight times after I initially heard it. I can guarantee you that it will get stuck in your head, too.

So what makes “You See It” such a good record? For starters, the production behind it is fire! Professor Ben made sure he hooked Gabe up with a beat that had  heavy bass, a splash of wickedness and lots of club vibes attached to it.

Gassed up by a tremendous beat, Gabe takes full advantage, delivering something with an infectious melody and finely done harmonizing. However, my favorite part of his contributions on this song is his lyrics: They are sly, punchline heavy, and most importantly, trill. On his bars, you can tell he made it a mission to let us know that things are all good on his side of the fence when it comes to flossing, smashing the baddest chicks in the city and making mula, something I think we can all respect ✊🏾.

This is the new pregame jam, for me.