Mr. Grey

Pirate Signal – Mr. Grey (Review & Stream)


The latest release from Pirate Signal, “Mr. Grey,”  will absolutely blow you away!

St. Louis, Missouri based alternative rock group, Pirate Signal, is unbelievably talented! The band is made up of Josh Halbower, lead vocalist and on the guitar, Brett Arnold on the guitar, Austin Earnst on the drums, and Nick Stergos playing the bass. Together, they are intent on giving off retro feels in their music, which is one of the many reasons “Mr. Grey,” one of the many great songs on their Abolition EP, is a must listen!

From beginning to end, every member of Pirate Signal kills their respective contributions. Together, they deliver a couple of eccentric verses, and drop off this chorus and instrumental break that is absolutely infectious. Matter of fact, if you weren’t zoned all the way out while listening to every single aspect of this song, I recommend you get your cranium checked.

Aside from listening to “Mr. Grey,” make sure you check out the deliciously hair-raising music video for it above.



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