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DJ Holiday Calls On Quavo & 21 Savage For “2 Seater”

DJ Holiday looks like everybody and their mama’s big brother.

Quavo and 21 Savage are both young princes of Atlanta, and probably for different reasons… In “2 Seater,” the two decided to link up, giving us something that is sly, has club potential, and surprisingly, pretty lyrical.

While Quavo starts “2 Seater” off with a verse that is more on the finessin’ side (I feel like he coasts through his verse with so much ease and bravado), 21 comes on it ruthless, dishing out his usual threats and reminding listeners of his drug-dealing/women-snatching ways. In other words, 21 plays villain on this joint, while Quavo plays protagonist.

How is two-seaters on gas? Is it an efficient car to manage? I’m asking for a friend.



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