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Chris Brown – HAD TO DO IT…SORRY DJ KHALED (Review & Stream)

Chris Brown is Michael Jackson reincarnated.

About once a year, we get DJ Khaled season, and when it comes around, you get to hear lots of experimental efforts from some of our favorite artists in the game. In Khaled’s newest effort, he recruited Chris Brown, and together, they created this colorful new jam that flips you and I’s favorite Michael Jackson hit in “Rock With You.” While the vibes of this song is awesome, I do think there is way too much going on with both the background noise and Chris’ vocals. In other words, I think they tried a bit too hard to make a hit that everyone will like. Nonetheless, the record is a great summertime record that will have you admiring the pretty young thing you have by your side.

Michael Jackson is the only artist I know that is yet to have an original version of his song topped.




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