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Reese LAFLARE and Thugger Make The Word “Nosebleed” Sound Cool (Review & Stream)


Just when I thought the word ‘Nosebleed’ couldn’t be used in a cool sentence, this song happens…

If Thugger is featured on a song, more than likely it’s going to have some type of craziness attached to it. With that being said, you get some of that in “Nosebleed,” but you also get this action-packed instrumental that prompts an urgent sounding Reese LAFLARE. (Urgent enough to keep my attention? No, but urgent enough to make me notice) As for the content behind this song, it is all over the place, bouncing between violence and shining. It doesn’t matter, though, majority of Thuggers raps are inaudible.

‘Scammers’ is a cool term now. ‘Nosebleed’ is a cool term now. ‘Drip’ is a cool term now. If these rappers somehow make the word ‘gassy’ sound cool, I’m leaving this earth.

This song sounds like a really solid album cut; not a lead single for anything.



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