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Relentless Passion Drives Major Moment’s “Before It’s Too Late” to the Finish Line! (Review & Stream)

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“Before it’s too late” grasps the listener’s attention with its effective use of loud guitars and drum bases, generating a free ambient feel that also has a rioting mood.

In “Before It’s Too Late,” the high powered musicality is combined with some momentous lyrics, and the outcome is completely far-reaching, influencing food for thought and opening “eyes” and minds to another aspect of the reality we sometimes live in.

In my opinion, Major Moment wanted to make a vigilant assertion about the power each and every one of us is capable of having in our everyday lives if we only stop for a moment and think through our inner needs and wants. Not only does this way of thinking make for a better tomorrow for thyself, but it is also a way of living that can be emulated by our peers, setting the ground for an exceptional reality.

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