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Lil Baby Keeps The Hits Coming With “Walk In” (Review & Stream)

Lil Baby has been giving us some real s**t as of late.

Lil Baby is the definition of a mumble rapper, but he’s also trill, so s**t gets cancelled out. Anyway, in “Walk In,” he gives us something that has emotional trap feels and lots of grittiness (Kudos to ‘Cut That s**t up, Quay’ for making the beat). On our heroes lone verse, he talks about the trials and tribulations that comes with living his life, which includes bad b*tches, poppin’ pills and grindin’ all day and night. His tone is somber throughout, as he never shows a splash of enthusiasm at any point.

Rylo Rodriguez has the second verse on this song, and if I were to guess, he’s talking about his fallen friends and gang bangin’ ways from his past (He slurs all of his words throughout). Either the n***a is suffering from a stroke, or he’s talking with his mouth full again.

I’m not sure I can call the style of rapping you get on this song talent.



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