Harmless Habits

Harmless Habit Galvanize Listeners Minds On “Tight!” (Review & Stream)

Harmless Habits has to be the greatest band name I’ve ever heard.

You know what I personally love about authentic rock music? The energy you tend to get on them! They make you want to rebel against mankind, they make you want to scream and shout, they make you want to treat your broomstick like a guitar and smash it on the ground! (OK, maybe that is not the best idea). On “Tight,” Harmless Habits provide us with that kind of music, which should turn any frown upside down and around and around!,

For approximately three minutes and thirty eight seconds, you get guitar-play and drumming so explosive that the Department of Homeland Security is on Harmless Habit’s case. Seriously, the whole time I felt like I was in the room with them while they were raging on — an experience that has to be magnified times two if I was actually in the room with them when they performed this song. Aside from that, the roaring vocals you get from the lead singer of the group is as fiery as it gets, as he basks in the idea of being an anti-hero that sees kings and queens and ordinary. All in all, every facet attached to this song is exciting to listen to, and the bands camaraderie shows quite a bit, as the instrumentalists do a great job of matching the seesaw of emotions that the lead singer displays throughout.

Woo, I needed this wake-up call in my life! Anyway, make sure you check out “Tight!” up top, and be sure to follow the band on the following links below!






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