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1992’s “Memories Of Pain” Is As Powerful As It Gets (Review & Stream)

S**t, I promised myself I wasn’t going to cry today…

In my opinion, 1992 is just as much a poet as he is a rapper. In one of his newest tracks, “Memories of Pain,” the Zone Ent artist gives us something both heartwarming and gritty in nature.

Accompanied by this somber instrumental that has its share of thumps attached to it, 1992 gets a chance to showcase his storytelling abilities, as he raps a few verses revolving around a damaged woman, an AWOL father and everything in-between. The way he pieces his bars together is special to me, as he takes his time laying each of them down in a way that the listener can connect with and have it stick to any area of their heart. I also like the emotion he raps with throughout, legitimately showing passion and pain in his voice. People f**k with anyone that can show real pain on a song.

I love when rappers go on a mission to make music that can have an impact on your mental.



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