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Tee Grizzley’s “Fuck A Hook” Is As Real As It Gets (Review & Stream)

How is Tee Grizzley NOT from California?

Rappers don’t quite get realer than Tee Grizzley. I feel like he spits with so much hood passion every time he steps on the mic, an approach that is a bit lacking in the game right now. In his newest release called “F**k A Hoe,” the Detroit, Michigan native reminds the world how much more ’bout it, bout it’ he is than everyone else, dropping bars about counting money, having the clout and bravado to bag all the chicks of the world, and most importantly, shooting down his competition both figuratively and literally. I f**k with the song for its riveting nature, and lowkey, enjoy the punchlines our hero was able to deliver throughout.

Has Tee Grizzley ever had a nice/calm day?



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