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Smokepurpp Shows Off His Savage Side In “Watching Me” (Review & Stream)

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I’m not too embarrassed to admit that I f**k with SmokePurpp.

I am one of the few people walking this planet that thinks SmokePurpp has improved as an artist throughout the years. I feel like he started out a pretty basic rapper, but has emerged into this guy that can do everything from sing effectively to drop some pretty decent bars. In “Watching Me,” the Florida native shows off some of that growth, gifting us with this short but sweet track that has him spitting about his violent, luxurious and groupie loving ways using both a high and low-pitch. If you ask me, this song sounds like it was made by a Travis Scott Doppelganger, but then again, what do I know…

SmokePurpp is the epitome of a ‘Lil Whatever.’



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