Wow, Victor Oladipo might actually be serious about this whole music thing.

Victor Oladipo, the reigning MIP of the association, continues to flex his music skills. In his latest record, “Connected,” featuring PnB Rock, he gives us something slow jam lovers will adore and women who want to get broken off will get moist to. Throughout, the All Star shooting guard shows off several different singing styles, boasting about how his fancy lifestyle should be enough to get a chick to be apart of his team. Fair enough.

PnB Rock has the last verse, and he sings with a pitch higher than Mike Muscala’s shoulders. He plays the perfect counterpart to Oladipo throughout, echoing the same exact sentiments as him.

If music was FanDuel, Victor Oladipo would be worth a solid 10k. Drake would probably be at 20K. If you pick Drake, you’re going to have to f**k around and fill your line-up with a bunch of Famous Dexs.