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Project Pat Makes His Come Back With Gucci Mane & Rich The Kid On “Racks” (Review & Stream)


The legend of Three Six Mafia continues!

In my humbling opinion, Project Pat should be able to come out whenever he feels like.  Fortunately for us, he decided now was a good time, because today, he gifted us with an ultimate club record in “Racks.” The song features an instrumental similar to what you heard from Three Six Mafia back in the day, giving off both trap and strip club feels. On it, Rich The Kid delivers this exhilarating/repetitive hook that has him praising racks as if it came back from resurrection. Project Pat has the first verse, and he raps with his usual style, while Gucci Mane does his best impersonation of Pac practically coming across as ghoulish.

Is Crunchy Black still alive? I haven’t heard from that n***a since “Ridin’ Rims” from back in the day…



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