I know this song is dedicated to a girl named Emily, but I guarantee it will resonate with anyone that listens to it.

People in Pairs have a knack for making music that will get you to feel something in your heart and soul. This is because the band’s cohesion is outstanding, the topics they tend to cover are meaningful, and most importantly, their music is timeless-sounding. In “Emily,” their latest single, the band was able to gift us with this passionate gem that features a radiant instrumental and some pretty soothing vocals throughout. Additionally, the song’s lyrical content is deep, as it revolves around finding a love to give your all to, even if that means admitting to mistakes or promising to change. I truly believe listeners will connect with the track’s message, especially if they’re currently engulfed in a similar situation as all the parties involved.

Please listen to People In Pairs’ “Emily” up top! You won’t be disappointed.