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K. Camp Keeps It 100% In “Switch” (Review & Stream)

K. Camp continues to flood the world with new music.

I am a big K. Camp fan. I believe he ushered in a sound that n***as in the game have been stealing for years now. In 2018, he had a very good year, releasing new music nearly every other week. It seems not much has changed for him in 2019, because today, he decided to release a slappin’ new record called “Switch.”

Much like a good chunk of his releases lately, “Switch” has K. Camp rapping laid-back as hell over a pretty chill instrumental. Content-wise, he does his best to keep s**t real, touching on topics such as pouring drinks for his lost homies, his reckless spending, and his knack for wooing the best of chicks. If you’re here for a vibe, I think this joint is right up your alley.

K. Camp can legit spit.



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