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Don Q Takes More Shots At Tory Lanez In “This Is Ya King?” (Review & Stream)

I know ya’ll gon’ hate on Don Q since he’s the less popular rapper here, but on the real, his raps on these disses have been pretty good (Not scathing enough, though).

Don Q isn’t blinking when it comes to going to war with the greatest rapper of all time (Tory Lanez). In his latest diss record towards him, the Highbridge rapper calls Lanez’s bluff, proclaiming that he was scared to respond to him multiple times, while also outing him for having a fake hairline, taking drugs and doing a bunch of fake repping (Among many other things).

So here’s the thing: I didn’t think any of Q’s shots hit that hard on this joint, but I was digging his relentless bars and solid punchlines. As a rap freestyle, I think he did his thing, but as a diss record, it wasn’t that great…

Though Don Q is losing this beef, I have gained a lot of respect for his raps in the process.



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