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Morning Café Delivers Nothing But Wisdom In “Sunday”


Morning Café is all the way woke on this song!

Morning Café is probably wiser than your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. In “Sunday,” his latest single, he shows off how woke he is, enlightening us all on deep topics such as valuing a relationship with GOD, understanding how we can be the best versions of ourselves and overcoming the trials and tribulations life throws at you.

You know what I love most about “Sunday?” How Morning Café tackles each and every topic on this song with his chest out, showing little to no fear in opening up to the world. I also love how soulful the instrumental he raps over is, the consistent flow he utilizes to drop his bars and the level of focus he displays from start to finish overall. I can honestly say I felt every single word he spoke on his verses.

This song is a must-listen.




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