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Nayla Savannah Puts Her Relationship On Wax In “Dial”


Nayla ain’t with your poor relationship skills, patna!

Nayla Savannah is a musician, but at the same time, she’s just as human as you and I. That means she falls in love just like us, and also deals with the problems with love, too. In “Dial,” her latest single, she gives us a chance to enter into her world, blessing us with this emotional tune about a relationship she’s in that hasn’t had the greatest return.

“Dial” is powered by this bluesy instrumental by Penny Marshall that will have both you and Drake in your feelings. Over this instrumental, Nayla raps soberly, discussing everything from communication issues to abusive episodes with her man. Personally, what I love about the song is that it feels relatable, which in turn will make you feel like you have an ally when it comes to your current situation with your lover.

Nayla, it’s time to move on… There’s plenty of fish in the sea (And by ‘sea’ I mean The Park at 14th).



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