Willow Raye’s “Deja Vu” is an enthralling tune you need in your music library ASAP!

Willow Raye is a singer/songwriter from Los Angeles, CA that has this knack for having out-of-body experiences when she makes music. This results in tunes that are captivating, emotional and hypnotizing. In her latest release, “Deja Vu,” she showcases her magical powers by delivering this futuristic gem that does a great job of making your mind wander.

Have you ever felt a love so strong that you don’t know what to do with yourself when you are in it? If not, Willow documents this experience in “Deja Vu.” From start to finish, she sings about a lover of hers that understands the exact ways to touch her, ultimately making her feel like she’s seen them before. What I love about the song is that Willow’s passionate content is met with a vibrant vocal performance and an instrumental that is as frantic as it gets. In my opinion, the combination of all three aspects ends up taking you on quite a roller-coaster ride.

Willow just reminded me how strong love (and/or lust) is…