Damn, I haven’t heard from Kevin since Rush Hour III came out.

Does Kevin Rudolf’s name not ring a bell with you? Let me help you out: Back in the day, he dropped “Let It Rock” — A rock banger that featured Lil Wayne. Eleven years later, the duo decided to link up once more for yet another rock banger called “I Will Not Break.”

“I Will Not Break” features electrifying vocal contributions by Rudolf, and a sly ass verse by Lil Wayne that has him sounding like the old Tunechi. It also features powerful words of encouragement by both artists, as they each let the listeners know that nothing on this earth can break them. If you ask me, I was broken by the ten shots of bottom shelf vodka I took on Sunday, but I am pretty sure that is a me thing…

Lil Wayne hasn’t changed, our tolerance from him has, though.