All Tyga and Chris Brown try to make these days are club bangers.

You know what’s funny? The other day I was wondering what happened to Chris Brown and Tyga’s music relationship after I saw a picture of them hanging out recently on the internet. Today, I found out that it’s still alive and well, as they decided to release a brand new banger called “Light It Up.”

While “Light It Up” isn’t the most dynamic song I’ve ever heard in my life, it is a lot of fun to listen to, as it features this bass boomin’ instrumental that has hella west coast vibes attached to it. As for Tyga and Chris, they each bring different sounds to the song, with Tyga spitting numb and cocky on his verse, and Chris singing passionately on the hook and his verse. However, both talk about getting chicks to do something strange for some change and drinking til’ the bottle is done (Among-st many other reckless things), which means they both got to the finish line at the same speed.

Did ya’ll notice that Chris Brown doesn’t rap as much anymore?