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Ivey Drops The Colorful “Through The Keyhole”



“Through The Keyhole” is off of Ivey’s “Take This To Heart” album.

As an avid listener of Blink 182, I can honestly say I am a major fan of rock music that is exhilarating, colorful and absolutely free. Ivey is more than capable of delivering music that falls in that category, and in his new single, “Through The Keyhole,” you’ll understand why I think that.

“Through The Keyhole” is powered by this vibrant instrumental that is uptempo, electrifying when it comes to guitar-play and drumming, and most importantly, lively. Over this instrumental, Ivey lets loose, singing boisterously about understanding the trials and tribulations that comes with having a relationship that is susceptible to criticism. Personally, I love how our hero doesn’t hold back a single thought on his verses, and absolutely enjoy the melody he gives off from start to finish on this song.

If people watch my relationship through the keyhole, they are going to see a whole bunch of missed opportunities on my part.



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