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Quavo & Saweetie Unite For First Single Off Of Shaft Called “Too Much Shaft”


The existence of this song doesn’t feel like a good idea.

I get it, Quavo and Saweetie are relationship goals, but when it comes to music goals, I can do without their collaborations. While they’ve linked up for a few so-so songs in the past, I have no faith in them generating a lead single for any kind of project. With that being said, the good people at Shaft thought otherwise, as they called on the lovers for “Too Much Shaft.”

“Too Much Shaft” is a poorly constructed revamped version of Shaft’s theme song. It features a heavily melodic contribution by Quavo in which he tries to let the world know how bad ass he is, a very brief appearance by Saweetie in which she plays a fiery side piece, and a fake ass 70’s instrumental. Personally, I hate the song, and now believe calling Shaft a ‘bad muthaf**ka’ can actually mean he’s just plain ole bad!

Quavo has been striking out with his music a lot lately. I just feel like he’s been focusing on collecting a check these last two years (I guess I can’t hate on that).



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