Kembe X Links Up With T.D.E. All Stars In “Raised A Fool”


T.D.E. vs. Dreamville would be a helluva battle.

Back in 2016, Kembe X was rolling, just having dropped a fire project in “Back In The Day.” Since then, he’s been pretty mute, playing the back (Besides in 2018 when he dropped “Exclamation”). Today, the “Talk Back” rapper makes his return to the music scene, releasing this hard-hitting banger called “Raised A Fool” that features some outstanding rapping and a melodic hook by Zacari that is pretty kick-ass.

You know what I love about this song? It’s tough, but the toughness is shown in unique ways. When it comes to Kembe’s contributions, they are infused with outstanding wordplay, while Jay Rock spits his bars with this gritty demeanor and Ab-Soul kills his verse utilizing pure flair. As for Zacari, he plays a 70’s pimp on the track, but that doesn’t mean his s**t is sweet. All in all, the combination between the four different styles makes for a very fun listen.

You know a song goes hard when they let the instrumental run at the end of it.




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