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YBN Nahmir, Tyga & City Girls Join Forces For “F**k It Up”


Pick a side: The pleased or the pleaser.

YBN Nahmir, a guy I am not sure is old enough to go to the clubs yet, decided to release a new strip club-inspired banger called “F**k It Up.” On it, the Alabama rapper threatens to slap n***as and spend money on some bad ass chicks, sounding unbothered about both scenarios. As for featured guests Tyga and City Girls, the former comes across as the biggest player since Big Pun and Joe, while the latter plays the feistiest stripper since Lisa Raye on Player’s Club. Whatever side you’re on, you better be comfortable with unprotected sex and scents of 100 different individuals all in one place.

The energy attached to this song is very low, to me… Can someone please get these guys some red bull and vodkas? They’re killing the f**k out of my vibes.



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