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Wembi Gets His Revenge In “HELL NO!”

I am always down for an angry anthem like “HELL NO!”

I’ve become one of Wembi’s biggest fans. As a human-being, I love his passion, and as a musician, I love his creativity. In “HELL NO!,” his latest single, Wembi creates one of the funnest anthems I’ve heard in a while, all while delivering a message we can all get behind as a society.

With “HELL NO!” featuring a vibrant instrumental that contains infectious piano-play and plenty of feel-good vibes, Wembi lets loose, singing animatedly about putting his foot down when it comes to being mistreated. What I like about the song is that it has a rebellious tone that listeners will love. I also like how it indirectly tackles social issues, letting the world know that you should never tolerate being pushed around by anyone (Including our officials).

I legitimately love this song!



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