Greg Hoy & The Boys Get Amped Up In “Brilliant Jerk!”

Greg Hoy & The Boys are pretty damn electrifying!

I think Greg Hoy & The Boys are a fantastic band! Not only is their ability to create timeless-sounding rock music impressive, but I also believe the flair that each person in the group shows in their respective contributions is pretty kick-ass, too. In “Brilliant Jerk!,” one of the main singles off of their self-titled album, the San Franciscans give us something that is catchy, fiery, and most importantly, rebellious.

I love the fantastic drumming, the outstanding guitar-play, and the earth-shattering bass that powers “Brilliant Jerk!” a lot! But in the end of the day, it is both the lyrical content and vocal performance you get by Greg Hoy that strikes a chord with me the most! On his contributions, Hoy shows great passion and emotion, as he tackles the idea of being an individual that has s**t that doesn’t stink and hair that never flakes. (Man, I’m so envious of those kind of people)

Are you a brilliant jerk? if so, this track can serve as an anthem for you!



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