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Dynomite2Live Goes Off In “GiveMeAllThat”


Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 5.18.49 PM

Dynomite2Live is on a roll so hot on this song, the beat couldn’t keep up with him (Literally).

Anytime you stumble upon a bad chick, you gotta challenge her. In “Give Me All That,” Dynomite2Live does just that, as he questions this stripper-like female he’s knows on how good she can move her body.

On some real s**t, I love both the hook and the instrumental to ‘Give Me All That,” as the former is catchy and infectious, while the latter is hard-hitting and gritty. As for the verses you get on the song, I was a bit thrown off by them, as they seem like they were meant for a different beat… Nonetheless, I enjoy how savage and carefree they are, as they both boast nothing but real n***a sentiments (It’s also very Pac-esque).

Make sure you give Dynomite2Live’s “Give Me All That” a shot HERE!



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