F1ARO Gets Fiery In “Black Hat, Hoodie”


F1ARO promises to never crack in “Black Hat, Hoodie.”

F1ARO Balkin is a hungry pop artist that usually lets his emotions flow when he makes music. In “F1ARO,” his latest EP, Balkin does it all — we’re talking sing passionately to rap tenaciously. One of my favorite songs off of “F1ARO” is “Black Hat, Hoodie” — a electrifying hit in which the toned-up singer fights for love, respect and more!

First and foremost, I love the energy attached to “Black Hat, Hoodie!” With the instrumental boasting gentle, yet hard-hitting vibes, F1ARO goes off, rapping confidently and firmly, and singing melodically and slyly about greatness, hard-work and productive thoughts. Overall, I love the message behind the song, it’s catchiness, and how F1ARO doesn’t hold back in letting the world know he’s a star.

Make sure you check out “Black Hat, Hoodie” at the top of the page! Also, check out F1ARO Balkin’s “F1ARO” EP HERE!



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