When a good girl gets very mad, giving her flowers simply won’t work. 

Before I talk about how much I love “Blue Roses,” I want to talk about Katrina Stuart for a little bit…

Katrina Stuart is a highly-talented singer — originally from Toronto, CN, but now In Los Angeles, California — that has mastered her craft by creating music that falls directly in line with what she believes in. In “Blue Roses,” Katrina’s first true single, I believe she absolutely illuminates, creating a gem that not only blends the energy of EDM with the passion of R&B, but also allows the world to see how alluring of an individual she is.

I’m going to get straight to the point here: “Blue Roses” is amazing! I love the vibrant/colorful instrumental that powers it, I love the passionate vocal performance you get from Katrina on it, and lastly, I love the overall topic of the song (It revolves around saying no to a relationship in which dishonesty tries to be swept under the rug by meaningless gifts). In other words, I believe this song is damn-there flawless!

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