NOHEZZO isn’t a dude you want to play with…

NOHEZZO is someone you need to pay attention to. Not only is he capable of spitting melodic bars, but lyrically, he does a fantastic job of talking about s**t that is meaningful. With that being said, In “My Soul,” HEZZO’s latest single, he shines by gifting us with something that is terrorizing, infectious, and trill.

“My Soul” is powered by this dark ass instrumental that promotes head nods and mean-mugging. Over this instrumental, NOHEZZO melodically lets the world know about his rough come up, his street-certified ways, his lack of respect for cops, and his willingness to shoot up ops if they try to disrespect him. What I love most about the song is that it never lets up in gritty vibes, which, to me, makes it feel pretty cinematic.

I believe every single threat NOHEZZO dishes out on this song…