YBN Nahmir, G-Eazy, and Offset definitely have a club banger in “2 Seater.”

YBN Nahmir hasn’t lived up to expectations, to me. When the Alabama rapper first starting blowing up (Around the time “1942” came out), I thought he would be the greatest thing since sliced bread. Well, these last couple of months, he’s been disappointment bread. With that being said, I can see Nahmir’s fortunes changing really soon, because today, he dropped a hot new banger called “2 Seater” that I think can blow up.

On the real, “2 Seater” and Yo Gotti’s “Pose” hit sound very similar: Both feature a funky-ass instrumental, creepy hooks, and beyond reckless lyrics. The major difference between the two tracks is that “2 Seater” features tons of WBS (White boy slyness) courtesy of G-Eazy, bad grammar courtesy of YBN Nahmir, and tongue-twisting flows courtesy of Offset.

2-Seaters are very uncomfortable couches (The trio are talking about couches, right?)