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French Montana & Fivio Foreign Play Nice On “That’s A Fact (Remix)”


Fivio Foreign


Fivio and Mr. Swipey add some authentic drill vibes to “That’s A Fact.”

Admit it, “That’s A Fact” makes you roll your eyes. While I believe French Montana does well on the song, at the end of the day, it feels like he stole a style that wasn’t his by making it. Today, a remix to “That’s A Fact” has hit the net, and thankfully, it features Fivio Foreign and Mr. Swipey — two dudes that are really about that New York drill life.

I love it that Fivio and French were able to put their beef to rest. We are in a pandemic, we shouldn’t be fighting over some petty s**t. With that being said, I do think the two rappers’ styles mesh well on “That’s A Fact (Remix).” As for Mr. Swipey, well, I guess he did his thing on the song (I didn’t care for his part at all)…

I love it when stupid beefs end quickly.

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