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Aminé Returns With “Riri”




Making a song called “Riri” will not get you closer to dating Rihanna, Aminé.

I think Aminé is one of the dopest artists in the game right now. He is fantastic at rapping, but it is his ability to feel a song out that makes him special. On “Riri,” Aminé raps occasionally, sings daringly and comes across as a flunkee lyrically.

I love both the vibes and the content attached to “Riri.” With the song boasting a beat that is R&B-Esque, over it, Aminé raps/sings about f**king with a chick that is so cool for school that she got teachers on her jock. As for Rihanna references, you get a quick bar from the Portland rapper about the girl he’s chasing not being as savage as the Barbados singer.

Back then, I thought Teairra Marie was badder than RIhanna… Apparently, brain damage can go away!

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