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Anuel AA Calls On Lil Wayne For “Ferrari”

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Anuel AA & Lil Wayne


This is one of those songs that Lil Wayne will forget that he made.

Anuel AA isn’t a rapper, but he has been linking up with a bunch of them these last couple of months. Today, the Puerto Rican singer decided to drop a new album called Emmanuel. On it, there is a song called “Ferrari” that features Lil Wayne.

“Ferrari” features a beat that is as colorful as Michael Jordan’s language on The Last Dance. The song also features a vocal performance by Anuel AA that straddles the line between catchy and annoying. But the highlight of the song is Lil Wayne’s verse. On it, he hits us with outstanding word-play, crafty flows, killer punchlines, and competitive lyrics. He also mentions COVID in the song (Hold up, since when did Lil Wayne start watching the news?).

Check out “Ferrari” at the top of the page. Also, check out Anuel AA’s new album, Emmanuel on all major streaming services.

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