Dave East Drops The Very Powerful “Menace”


Dave East


Dave East is one of the realest dudes on this planet.

Dave East is looking to release Karma 3 really soon. On it, I expect to hear cold-ass bars and lots of storytelling. On “Menace,” his latest single, the Harlem rapper gifts us with a banger that is just as gritty as it is emotional.

“Menace” is powered by a beat that is full of serene vibes. Over it, Dave East raps effortlessly about being a dude from the hood that has seen just as many killings as Rolls Royces. He also talks about steering clear from snakes and bossing up every chance he gets. What I love most about the song is that it features a healthy balance between grungy and cocky lyrics.

East holds nothing back when he raps.   

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