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6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj Link Up For “TROLLZ”


6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj


6ix9ine is defying odds right now.

Despite snitching his ass off, somehow, someway, 6ix9ine is still winning right now. Today, he made his biggest power move since being released from jail by calling on Nicki Minaj for his new “TROLLZ” single.

“TROLLZ” has three sounds: A silky smooth sound, a rowdy sound, and a rappity-rap sound. The song also features some very notable lyrics by both 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj. Some of my favorite lyrics are below:

I know you don’t like me, you wanna fight me
You don’t want no problems at your party, don’t invite me
I don’t worry ’bout you niggas, please stop talking ’bout me
Always talking ’bout me ’cause you looking for the clouty



They study Nicki style, now all of them wan’ mimic
Talkin’ ’bout snitches when it’s snitches in your camp
Never stand alone, you always itchin’ for a stamp
Me, I’m still money, wrists light up like a lamp
They gon’ have to send they best fighter for the champ

-Nicki Minaj

Lastly, this gem below:

Watch, mhm, Glock, mhm, cocked, mhm, got it, mhm
If he like, I throw it fast, real fast, fast, fast. He singin’ my old song, yellin’, “Ass, ass, ass”

-Nicki and 6ix9ine


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