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Listen To “Pre Game Freestyles” By Ellis Blè


Ellis Blè

These freestyles are better than most freestyles.

Ellis Blè is a real-deal musician. Not only is he capable of blending infectious melodies with hard-hitting raps, but he also knows how to keep it 99+1 lyrically. On Pre Game Freestyles, his latest EP, Ellis Blè finds a way to take the genre of hip-hop to another level.

Pre Game Freestyles features styles of music that I’ve never really heard before. For example, on a song like “Trap Niggas,” Ellis Blè sings soulfully but dishes out lyrics that only the trillest folks on this planet can relate to. At the same time, on the EP, you also get a chance to hear Ellis Blè do work over silky smooth and colorful instrumentals. All in all, I think Pre Game Freestyle is too memorable, too unique, and too dynamic to pass on.

Listen to Pre Game Freestyles by Ellis Blè below!




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