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Yo Gotti Releases “Recession Proof”


Yo Gotti


According to Yo Gotti, “Recession Proof” is dedicated to all of the hustlers around the globe.

Do you know what I forgot? That Yo Gotti dropped one of the hottest albums of 2020 in Untrapped.  Personally, I love how he mixed gimmicky hip-hop music with soulful/gangsta-ass hip-hop music on the album. Today, Gotti decided to release “Recession Proof” — a banger that has him reminding folks once again that he is one of the biggest bosses in the game.

From the moment you press play on “Recession Proof,” you will be taken aback by the song’s bass boomin beat (Kudos to Tay Keith). From there, you will love how Yo Gotti literally dishes out rules on how to make money, save money, and flip money. If you claim to be a hustler, I hope you took notes while you listened to the song.

Yo Gotti’s rise to the top has been impressive.

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