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Drea Renee Bosses Up On “Absolutely”


Drea Renee


Drea Renee is getting to the ranch, the blue cheese, and any other condiment that is a synonym for money!

Drea Renee is probably harder than your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. When she spits her bars, she makes sure that you feel and hear her every word. On Drea’s latest single, “Absolutely,” she proves to the world that she’s one of the biggest bosses in the game.

“Absolutely” is powered by a beat that is supposed to knock you off of the chair that you are sitting on. Over it, Drea Renee raps bluntly about stacking up money, eating lavishly, stiff-arming haters, and her major come-up. While you’re going to love how tenacious Drea is on the song, you’re absolutely going to love the sturdy flows that she raps with.

Listen to “Absolutely” at the top of the page!




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